Why a Coffee Enema?


Leo Asks Dale:

Can we do a soda or plain water enema instead of a coffee one?

No other enema does what a coffee enema does.

The caffeine in the coffee enema causes the liver and gallbladder to dilate dumping the toxin-laden bile.

To get the toxins out quickly, there is nothing else you can do to substitute a coffee enema.

A water enema is good for hydrating and often used before a coffee enema to prevent the jitters. When you get jittery after taking a coffee enema it's due to your body being dehydrated, which causes the caffeine in the coffee to be absorbed into the bloodstream and not properly getting to the liver and gallbladder. A water enema will hydrate you and, when you take a coffee enema immediately afterward, the caffeine will get to the liver and gallbladder.

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Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach


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