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Natalia Asks Dale:
Thank you very much for all that information. So to summarize your recommendations: I will do coffee enemas for 21 days and at the same time take Clear MultiVite All in One for 21 days as well correct?
Yes –Clear MultiVite All in One: Week one, 1 scoop per day. Week two, 2 scoops per day. Week three, 3 scoops per day.
After that, I shall take 325 enzymes- correct?
Yes. You will have to figure out how many 325 tablets to take by following the instructions. You may choose to take PEP away from meals (recommended if you are sure you have cancer).
At the same time, you recommend taking LiveRiteite to provide support for the liver- 4 pills a day?
For you, I think 8 per day for a couple of months and then down to four.
At present I am taking glutathione – can I continue that?
And what about kidneys- I saw that you have a supplement for that as well, shall I take it as well?
Considering your teeth situation, a four-week round of Total Kidney Detox followed by two capsules a day of Solaray Kidney Capsules, 260 mg, 60 Count for a month or two then back to another four-week round of Total Kidney Detox followed again by Solaray Kidney Capsules, 260 mg, 60 Count for a month or two. Then continue with kidney and liver support until your teeth are addressed.
And the last question about acidity? I think that my body is very acidic- is there anything to restore ph balance?

The Clear MultiVite All in One is alkaline, and all greens are alkaline.

Describe your diet in detail, please.
Thank you very much

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