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Diet Concerns with cancer and avoiding sugars


Hi Dale- thanks so much for your reply. 

I can provide list of plant items [below]  I like so we can modify my menu--
I wasn't sure what phase fruit was allowed--"" sugar""",, beans, roots...

I definitely dont know enough yet-

I'm trying to get off the stereiods but drs refuse to help and online
resourses warn of very dangerous consequence most folks have- i will
cont to pursue that.

I see the drug section is incorrect,
The only drugs I've used were cypro anti biotic jan 2017- march 2017;
current seizure med [ levetiracetam   ] and current steriod med
[dexamethasone]-- gut repair is needed

I'm not currently on any supplements- waiting to see your recommendations.

Plant items I like:  red green leaf lettuce, romaine, some kale, spinach, cabbage, avocado, sprouts, broc, some cauliflower green beans, brussel sprouts- others  

 seeds- sesame- chia, sunflower,  

nuts almond, walnuts, pecans, macadamia...

Are root veggis ok- sweet pot.

juice items? carrots ?

I like berries, other fruits but what abt sugar?

I'm willing to learn and do whats best for recovery

my current menu:

spinach/sardines breakfast/lunch
chia pudding

veg sushi-- seaweed/avacodo/cucumber/green onion
steamed veggie- green bea/broc/

Thanks so much- let me know if I covered all your questions.

Dale Comments:

I found no red flags in you diet.

Suggest adjusting ratio between greens and cooked beens, brown rice and sweet potatoes to achieve enough calories to maintain weight.

Good job, as you increase enzymes to therapeutic level you will need multiple coffee enemas to get the broken disease cells out of the liver.


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