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Enzyme Dosage for Prevention / Maintenance


Marjo asks Dale

Enzyme Dosage for Prevention / Maintenance after cancer recovery?

Your body will tell you if you press the number of enzymes by gradually increasing the dosage until you notice the burning butt. The burn is caused by the enzymes passing through and not being used by the body.

My understanding is what happens when you get older is the capacity of the pancreas is no longer creating enough to do the complete job of digesting food and cleaning all the mutant cells.

The pancreas is robust and is capable of recovery when treated with a whole food plant based diet along with the enzymes. It took me just over two years to get back to the point that even a tiny amount of pancreatic enzymes will cause a bit of butt burning after just a day or two.

I think most people will never get to this point in recovery and repair because they are not as much of a fanatic about food as I have become.

The Instructions for testing are located here: http://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/question-how-many-pancreatic-enzymes-should-i-take-with-each-meal/. Be sure and watch my video where

I elaborate on the text.

Remember also that the over 3000 food additives the FDA has classified as GRAS (generally recognised as safe) will challenge your ability to heal and regenerate, so commercially prepared foods, at least in my experience will keep you from getting to the point you no longer need any enzyme supplements.



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