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Enzyme Timing and Is it a waste of enzymes?


Ann Asks Dale:

Hi again, Dale: questions: 1) do I take Liverite with food? 2) sometimes I take before food enzymes, drink juice 30 min later, but don't get back to eating until an hour or hour and a half, which puts the end of my meal at 2 hrs after taking the enzymes. Does this waste the enzymes?

1- LiveRite is best taken away from food (I suggest a half hour before eating).

2- Enzymes taken well away (one and a half hours before eating) from food are used to clean up the body. Enzymes taken thirty minutes before food are primarily used to digest the food. Nothing Is Wasted.

You may, if you can manage, divide the enzyme portion and take some at the beginning, then the balance thirty minutes before you “get back” to finishing, this could work better for you.

Please note that when you take enzymes “with” food, the stomach will digest some of the enzymes and the alkalinity of the enzymes will neutralize some of the stomach acid, potentially making the process of the stomach less effective.

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Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach


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