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Enzymes act real fast – what to do with pain


Betsy asks how to proceed

The enzymes arrive yesterday afternoon so I took the first lot of 8 1200’s half hour before dinner. After dinner, I went to lay down and proceeded to get a very painful backache midway up. Before bed, I went ahead and took 12 of the Dr. Kelley capsules.

Between the back pain and then what I think is an enormous amount of intestinal gas I did not sleep last night. This morning I am still having stabbing pain in the area of the liver which I think is intestinal related.

Any idea what went wrong? I was so hopeful that this was the answer but these pills do not seem to agree with me.
Any ideas? I am afraid to take any more until I find out what may have gone wrong.

Dale Comments

When enzymes are available in more volume than needed for digesting the food the extra will pass into the bloodstream and begin to destroy the following:

  • Abnormal cells (cancer)
  • Fungus
  • Food particles
  • Dead expired blood cells
  • Pollen
  • And more

Once these broken cells are filtered and captured by the liver if your liver was already very full some of these toxins will flow over the liver and be reintroduced into the bloodstream.

Take a coffee enema to dump liver, make more room and relieve the pain that comes from overflow.

In your case

Since you said in prior communications that you are not taking five coffee enemas per day. Increase frequency of enemas.

And reduce the number of enzymes each time. Your liver seems to be very full and so

if you can manage two enzymes before meals and two enzymes away from meals three times for 4 days without symptoms do so then add another enzyme then four days and continue in this routine until you are at the therapeutic recommended dose.

Keep in touch and if you get to five coffee enemas per day and cannot manage full therapeutic dosage without the symptoms coming back, take the five days off as explained in One Answer To Cancer.


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