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Dale Asks:
Please give me a document that outlines everything you currently think you need to learn about the Kelley Cancer Recovery process.
Carla Asks Dale:
I need to know:
1. When doing enzymes what do I eat for the day?
Kelley Enzymes are consumed well away from food (1 1/2 hours)
1200 Pancreatin tablets are consumed 30 minutes prior to eating.
A whole food plant-based diet is statistically a much higher likelihood to stop and reverse disease.
Include Greens, Beans, and legumes, some nuts.
Video guidance on diet:

2. If I do it for only month, would it be worth it?

Short answer No.
If you believe as Dr. Kelley and I do that cancer is present when the immune system and specifically the pancreas is compromised and not producing adequate enzymes to digest the mutant cells, then you must agree that some amount of enzymes on an ongoing basis are needed.
I would recommend the 1200 mg tablets in large quantities (54 grams per day) as the most likely to stop the growth, along with the whole food plant-based diet as the least expensive approach.
3. should I use the other products recommend by mike, ie; Androm silver etc…
Given the restricted budget – No.
5. I need step by step instructions on how and when to take these products
Instruction sheet comes with products.
6. Do i need a Micronutrient test?
7. Do you keep in touch with your client from time to time to see how they are doing with the protocol?

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question via Skype or the message link in the lower right-hand corner of the webpage at www.DrKelleyEnzymes.com

I like to hear at least monthly.

8. Are there installment payments
Credit Card.
10. If these enzymes become too expensive, what is the next best thing to rid this lung cancer and my 6 nodules; and how much longer will it take?
Add the serrapeptase to the protocol.
11. Please describe the more economical plan and the results and length of time you start to see progress.

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