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Fast growing breast cancer – what to do



This is B. and I'm 34! I only eat vegetables for the most part! I'm 5'7&1/2, and 117 pounds,  I don't have a big appetite…,  Organic Oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice with steamed kale,  broccoli, cauliflower, for lunch and dinner, and some times mix greens…, I try juicing and blending but not at all times, I had small portions of piece of organic chicken today but it made me more acidic so I won't eat it anymore!

I was diagnosed with inflammatory and estrogen positive left breast cancer in June! My tumor was 6 by 7 inch back then! It's now 12 by 13 inches! I have now pain, and burning on my breast at night!

I have decided to go 100% holistic!

I drink 7-10 bottles of spring water/day.

Stop with the spring water it is making you suffer from the bad minerals you are consuming. Read my book “Dirty Water Warning” for complete details. Drink only distilled water.

I went to a bio~med clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, 3 months ago and gave me lots of immune busting herbs, and tonic…, I don't think it's working ….,

I now take b17 1000mg, b15 6 capsules a day, 10 pancreatic formula enzyme, from nature's choice, zinc, charcoal-light treatment, coQ10, vitamin c, essiac tea twice/day!

I've a great connection with God! I pray and meditate on the word daily! I truly believe he will lead me in the true path of my healing before the end of this month. Thank you and be blessed!


The enzymes

Enzyme Complete 10x Pancreatic Formula have only 180mg of pancreatin in each capsule at $50.00 per 100 capsules  100*180 = 18000 or 18grams 50 capsules per serving times six per day.

The other ingredients in this formula would probably be a bad thing follow this link to read more about this kind of formula.

The recommended Kelley Protocol calls for 54 Grams per day (54000 mg) that would mean you would consume 10 x 54 or almost three bottles per day or $150 dollars per day making this formula the highest price I have seen.

The Kelley Protocol is nine grams six times a day. Three taken well away from food to digest cancer. Three (I recommend a less expensive product) taken 30 minutes before meals.

Following the Kelley program, you will need to take multiple coffee enemas each day to get the broken cancer pieces out of your body.



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