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Fine tuning and Corrections on protocol for Ben G


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Suggest Clinical Probiotics 15 days then 15 days more if needed to rebalance – re-innoculate gut flora after surgery and past drugs.

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Important Correction to the protocol you submitted to me for review:

Enzymes (12 grams =  8 1200 Pancreatin mg) taken near food should be at least thirty minutes prior to eating. Adjust for what Creon product strength you are taking. (see below for numbers and suggestion)

HCL (if used) after the first bite of food. I suggest using Vitamix to break the nutrition free of the fiber instead of HCL for at least a couple of months, keep track of how you feel and maintain weight.

For going after the cancer cells, Kelley enzymes (9 grams = 12 capsules)should be taken away from food one and one-half hours before and after food.

I cannot tell what you are eating please send me your diet details.


Creon DR 36000 units 2 with meals 1 with snacks

  • 36,000 USP units of lipase; 114,000 USP units of protease; 180,000 USP units of amylase delayed-release capsules have a blue opaque cap with imprint “CREON 1236” and a colorless transparent body.

1200 Tablet

4500 USP Units of Lipase: 32,400 Units of Protease; 36,900 units of Amylase

So there is not a clear conversion from USP Standard for pancreatin to the formula the Creon is of the components

Lipase – x 8

Protease x 3.5

Amylase x 4.87

What you must do is keep good records on how Ben is feeling and adjust adding gradually another 1200 in addition to the Creon if needed to get complete digestion.

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