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Guidance with Indigestion Feelings


Julie asks Dale,

I think I need to set up some short consult time with you each week until I get things worked out.
I forgot to mention that over the weekend, taking the enzymes at night before I go to bed causes extreme acid reflux during the night that lasts for hours.
Q: Are you writing down time and consumption records along with when you do the coffee enemas and how you feel at various times? Keeping records assists in discovering what works best for you
I have not had this issue before prior the enzymes, so something is going on with the enzymes and my stomach acid.  I was also reading a website on enzymes that I found interesting.  I'm going to include that here for your review if you would like.  It talks about how plant enzymes with meals are better for immediate digestion in the stomach and that the pancreatic enzymes are better served for absorption in the small intestine.

I think you refer to http://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/multi this enzyme does well with food because it is not alkaline.

Pancreatic enzymes are quite alkaline and in capsules they especially are best consumed away from food. You will most likely do better on pancreatin 1200 tablets before food.

I know that is why you have them taken before meals but am wondering if I should add plant enzymes to help with immediate digestion.  ….one point that I want to address is that the download sheet on enzymes says to take them 1 hour before meals and the sheet you sent with the order says 30 min. ??
For 30 minutes (minimum) to 60 minutes before eating the 1200 mg pancreatin tablets are used. The tablets are more forgiving (fewer problems) than capsules. Due to the encapsulation of enzyme material within the tablet protecting the alkalinity from reaction with the stomach acid.
I am taking the PEP enzymes for both between meals and with meals. I was taking the Twin Labs Pancreatin before meals, and it made me feel sick to my stomach.  The Pep don't have the same reaction.
Is one possibility you are sensitive to the additives in Twin Labs? Hard to tell.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question via Skype or the message link in the lower right-hand corner of the webpage at www.DrKelleyEnzyms.com

Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach


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