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QUESTION – hard lymph nodes getting larger

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What is the total number of Solozyme enzymes consumed in each 24 hours? – 54 grams/day (6 dosages @ 12 capsules every 24 hrs = 72 capsules in 24 hrs)… Except two days a week I sometimes only get 45 grams a day (5 dosages @ 12 capsules in 24 hours = 60 capsules in 24 hrs).

And the total number of 1200 enzyme tablets? – On average, 5/ea of the 1200’s per a given week.  So some days I don’t take any 1200’s.

I am attempting to see how many grams of enzymes you are consuming.

Suggest you soak the extension tube in hydrogen peroxide once a week to clean it out on the inside (the drug store 3 percent hydrogen peroxide is fine) some staining is going to be normal. – ok. Thanks.  Was worried that I’m giving myself some bad pathogens, hence the lymph nodes.

How many ounces of distilled water are you consuming in each 24 hours? – ¾ of a quart every time I take enzymes, then probably 1 pint in between.  I try not to drink with or 2 hrs after meals.

On the days, you are not working can you get more coffee enemas? – I can try that.  I start to feel very agitated and jittery, like an “out of body spacey” feeling at 3x per day, but I’ll try.

Also, if you can get an additional enema in earlier in the day before work instead of after work – this may work better for you.  – thanks for the suggestion.

Are you using a far-infrared lamp to stimulate circulation in the armpit area? (do not get too close and get a “sunburn”) – I was but slacked off last two weeks.  Good idea.

Now that you have provided more detail, the problem is clear to me. You are putting more debris (broken cancer cells) into your system than your body can detox given the limitations you are working under (not taking five enemas per 24 hours and continuing to work).

Your lymph system is congested because of the toxic load you are putting on your body.

My suggestions based on this limitation:

If you continue, you must reduce the number of enzymes you consume each 24 hours to a level that is in balance to the detoxing you can manage.

Immediately stop taking all enzymes for five days and continue with 3 or more enemas per 24 hours – keep a log and send me a copy with the details.

Then, on the sixth day, I suggest you reduce the Kelley enzymes to 10 three times per day and use the 1200's (five tablets) three times per day and see if your congested lymph clears up.

Kelley enzymes 10 X 3 = 30 X 750 mg = 22.5 grams

1200 Tablets 30 minutes prior to eating 3 X 5 = 15 X 1200 = 18 grams

This is a total of just over 40 grams per each 24 hour period, which should be enough to slowly reduce your cancer and may resolve the lymph congestion.

If this does not resolve the problem, you will need to reduce the enzymes further.

And Mike's Response:

Hi Dale,

I’m coming up on my off cycle soon, and will do this, with the Navarro test at the end of the off cycle. 

I’ve kept a daily log since early August, so feedback should be no problem.

The IR heat lamp treatment last night stopped the pain sufficiently so I could sleep better.

Thank you



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