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How do I get off 14 drugs and recover from cancer


I. S. asks Dale

How do I get off 14 drugs and recover from cancer?

Including multiple, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, acid (stomach) blocker, anti-psychotics.

Here is the list of areas we will need to work on.

  • Detox
  • Managing the process of reducing the drugs
  • Diet
  • Dealing with the emotions of the past events
  • Enzymes

Part one detox and liver support

Detoxing will include multiple coffee enemas.

And a modified version of the 21-day detox for your case.

Clear MultiVite All In One

You will consume one serving per day of the Clear MultiVite All In One each day for 21 days, then test moving to two servings per day, if you react to two serving well then 21 days at two servings. If not stay on one serving per day for another 21 days then test again.

When you can manage two serving each day, take two serving each day, one AM and one PM, for 21 days then test three servings day following the above instructions.

At the same time: Liver support with LiveRite

Begin also to take four capsules AM and four capsules PM. These are best taken away from food if you can manage. Take these for four months and then we will consider reducing to two AM and two PM, depending on your success in reducing the pharmaceuticals.

Okra-Pepsin, these are taken one capsule, three times per day with food, the goal with this supplement is to begin to remove the built up mucus gently in the small intestine. Any build-up of mucus will reduce the ability of nutrition to pass successfully into the body. Mucus is the bodies way 0f defending itself and based on the pre-coaching document you have provided you will need this supplement.

At the same time: Okra-pepsin, to improve your ability to successfully absorb nutrients

Okra-pepsin is taken for six months minimum, begin counting the time after your diet has been the transitioned to a Vegan, whole food, free of flowing oils.




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