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  • I am feeling weakness little bit, it is going to be end of second week.

I am feeling weakness little bit, it is going to be end of second week.


P.  B. Asks Dale

I am feeling weakness little bit; it is going to be the end of the second week.

Checklist of things to consider when you are feeling weakness.

  • Is this a case of liver overflow? If so you are not doing enough coffee enemas, or they are not effective. You may take a maximum of five coffee enemas per day.
  • Consume 8 ounces of beet juice or whole beets each day (more is ok, watch for your poop and urine to be pink to know you are taking in plenty). The purpose of consuming beets is to thin the bile, which allows for a more successful release of toxins when you do the coffee enemas.
  • Are you consuming enough calories to fuel your body? It is not uncommon to lose your appetite; again this is a sign of liver overflow.
  • Find the correct balance of vegetables, starches, and fruits to satisfy your needs. Each person has their specific needs (that change from time to time) and you may need to adjust your diet to find what you require today.
  • Food preparation: at this stage in your recovery you may need to augment the parts of digestion that chewing and the stomach perform by using a mechanical device such as a VitaMix to help release the nutrients from the food.
  • Example Vitamix Food Preparation instructions. 
  • You should be logging in a journal all that you consumed in weight and how it was prepared and how you felt after consuming it. Then, every day before deciding what you are going to eat, consult your notes and try to make better food choices.



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