I am losing my hair


Diana Asks Dale:
I am losing my hair  ,more than usual. I  am doing enzymes, cellect  budwig, kimchi, B17, B15, and coffee enemas 2 to 3 times daily, sometimes 4, apricot pits
Diet- salads, bean burgers, baked french fries, soups more salad, bread, peanut butter and juices with spinach and fruit for breakfast. Some times an egg in salads and, mushrooms, mushroom burgers, veggies-kale-swiss chard-broccoli, carrots, cauliflower.

Hi Diana,

Some thoughts:
If you are buying factory made bean burgers, baked french fries, commercial peanut butter, mushroom burgers or anything else from package or box or freezer section you are consuming food additives.
If you can eliminate these additives, you will reduce the toxins you are consuming.
Okra Pepsin removes the mucus from the small intestine. Every time you eat food additives, colors, texture enhancements, etc. your gut produces mucus to protect you.
Six months of Okra-Pepsin after you have stopped producing extra mucus to clean it all up.
The mucus is blocking you from absorbing all the nutrients that are available. When you get all the nutrients, I think you hair problem will resolve.
Stop all the herbal remedies, this could also be contributing to the problem


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