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if you must cook vegetables, how to get the most nutrition


Henry asks about cooking vegetables.


Dale Recommends

The higher the percentage of raw the better.

How to prepare veggies, if you must cook them:

The best way is to prepare  in waterless cookware on your stove top. For the most part. Rinse in distilled water, place 3/4 full in a waterless pan – do not add additional water. Place the lid on and set to whistle or click depending on your pan at medium heat, when the signal is heard, move off heat and close the whistle vent. Let stand for five minutes and serve. For fresh corn (if you feel you must cook it) use the husk to line the bottom of your pan, break the corn in half and stand on end like little soldiers, rinse  the husks only and drain. Follow the heating instructions above.

All other ways are wasting much of the nutrition.

  1. Steaming is not great.
  2. Boiling is bad.
  3. Pressure cooking is bad with most veggies.
  4. Perhaps the least desirable way is to boil and then pan fry in oil.

The exception is the veggies that need to be cooked:

Soak and Boil

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Lentils


  • Potatoes (Sweet Potatoes are most nutritious)

I hope these suggestions will help you. – Dale

I have found the 1.7 Quart sauce pan to be the most used pan.

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