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Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe and Does it Stop Cancer


I have been asked about the Ketosis Diet by several people.

My concerns with the ketosis diet are the large quality of meat recommended that some people may find hard on their kidneys and which promotes cardiovascular distress.

I have not found in reading the science to this point compelling evidence to recommend this diet. However if you have a practitioner that is coaching you a medical doctor from somewhere other than the United States and they're going to keep an eye on you then go ahead.

If you're in the United States, I don't think you'll find a practitioner that's a medical doctor that has advised it unless there's a trial going.

I do not find the ketogenic diet to compromise the Kelley program and the function of the enzymes. So if you are following a ketogenic diet and you want to add the enzymes, I don't think there's a problem.

I have not found a specific ketogenic diet that I would recommend. There are numerous varieties of the interpretation of how to do it.

Some research has pointed to cancer success using alternate day restricted calorie diets; this approach is included in many of these diets.

Since the Ketogenic Diet as a tool for defeating cancer holds little interest to the pharmaceutical industry, little research has been funded.

I have heard some researchers mention (in passing) that many of the chemotherapy drugs cause so much challenge to digestion that victims stop eating, or cannot keep down the food. They may be keeping down so little calories that the put themselves into  Ketosis. So the thought was that perhaps the success was caused as a side effect of the chemotherapy.

I would recommend however if you are attempting to follow this ketogenic diet category, please frequently test to confirm that you're staying in ketosis. Otherwise, you're just taking and consuming a bad diet.

I encourage you to continue your quest to recovery.

Video: Dr. Mercola and Dr. D'Agostino on Ketogenic Diet

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Nick Gonzales “Does the Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer” Video Interview

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Against the Ketogenic Diet:

I called Michael Vrentas and ask him his opinion and he clearly voiced his experience and option to me.

  1. He has never seen success with this diet.

  2. All the animal consumption take lots and lots of enzymes that would be used to dispatch cancer.

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