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Is there a Non-Porcine Alternative For Pancreatin?


Ask of Dale: Is there a Non-Porcine Alternative For Pancreatin?

Dale's Answer:

Kelley pancreas enzymes each capsule has 750mg and if taken as suggested by Dr. Kelley 12 capsules six times each day.

Or Kelley enzymes taken only away from meals 12 capsules three times per day and less expensive pancreatin USP consumed thirty minutes prior to meals (1200 pancreatin) seven tablets three times.

These amounts and timing have worked very successfully for decades.

If the problem with pork is a religious belief, please check with your spiritual advisor, in past cases it was discovered that it was fine to consume the enzymes.

Alternatives to pork enzymes have not been as successful, this may be due to the fact that the pig is an omnivore and can successfully consume and digest anything a human can consume and much more.

Below are some products that can be consumed, that along with the other approaches my help.

There are enzymes from Bovine (cow) such as Wobinezyme, they also include many additional enzymes that taken in large quantity are suspect in being toxic. The problem with this formula is that the Bovine pancreatic is only 100mg per tablet so in order to get to the therapeutic dose of  54 grams per day you would have to consume 540 tablets. No one can successfully take this many each day. In addition, cows can only digest plants and so using bovine pancreas is not as successful as porcine for cancer.

Lamb pancreas enzymes  425mg. Would take  21 capsules six times per day.

Plant-based Multi-Enzymes with amylase, protease, and lipase. 650 mg. Would take  13 capsules six times per day.



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