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I will also be ordering more of the Kelley enzymes, but have a question.   I'm marking my stock in the order I get it, to know which bottles I got first.  I was looking on the bottles for an expiration date, but couldn't find any.   Just wondering the shelf life?   As to how many I could stock,  but would still be potent down the pike?   Thanks!!

I recommend you mark the bottles with the date that you receive them. And then use the oldest ones first.

The longest we've had an outage of enzymes has been two and a half months so I don't recommend that you stockpile more than that amount. Store them in a cool dry place. I believe they should be potent for well over year.

 I've had people who stored enzymes for much longer than a year and my recommendation is: if they smell bad when you open the bottle, throw them away.

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