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Two Kelley Enzymes – How they Differ?


Kathryn Asks Dale

What is the difference between the two types of enzymes on www.DrKelleyEnzymes.com? What are the ingredients and what is the dosing schedule for cancer?


According to Dr. Kelley, PEP enzymes and Solozyme are basically the same, minimally processed New Zealand porcine pancreas. They both break down tumors and damage cancer cells. They are in capsules by weight, 750 mg per capsule.

The PEP enzymes contain additional glandular materials that assist in the rebuilding of healthy new cells.

The Solozyme enzymes do not contain additional glandular material and are generally used when the cancer victim has been told the cancer are a hormonally sensitive cancer, typically estrogen sensitive, as, in some cases, the extra-glandular material may stimulate the production of new cancer cells.

According to Dr. Kelley, both products contain minimally processed pancreas enzymes porcine pancreatic enzymes new zealand with additional trypsin and chymotrypsin. These extra amounts of extratrypsin and chymotrypsin are specifically are included to break the tumor membrane allowing access to the defended area that has been encapsulated.

In contrast: a standardized pancreatic enzyme contains only three components from the gland, they are amylase, protease, and lipase. These enzymes are fine for digesting food, but are not as effective in going after cancer. Standardized pancreatic enzymes are measured by potency (USP) and the mg because when processed the pancreas gland has been chemically dissolved and separated, then rebuilt into a standardized product.

We sell a 1200 mg Pancreatin USP in a 1200 mg tablet 1000 count at a very low cost to be consumed 30 minutes prior to meals.

The Kelley Enzymes are to be consumed well away from foor as, taken this way, they pass into the bloodstream for use as a replacement to what your own pancreas would produce if it was working properly (If you have no problem with the expense you may take the Kelley enzymes 30 minutes prior to meals).


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