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Kelly enzymes are bothering her stomach?


Also just wanted to share this with you…the Kelly enzymes are bothering her stomach? She is only up to 2 a day but she had pains in her belly. I gave her a coffee enema but it didn't help. She was very sore. I told her to pull back until Monday… She didn't take any yesterday and her stomach felt fine.
Is this normal?

Most any pain is a reflection of liver overflow.

Timing is the only variable if it seems to be withing just a few minutes of consuming, the pain could indicate something else.

Hi, the pain is not within a few minutes after the enzymes, it comes on after a few hours when she pulls back from them her stomach is fine.

This is definitely a liver overflow of her liver.

The enzymes are causing breaking of the cancer cells, the broken debris is then collected in the liver and the liver overflows. The weakest or most sensitive area of the body is affected by the re-circulation of the debris will always be affected. Most people get a headache, your mom happens to be her stomach area.

Some logical..so what is the remedy? Coffee enemas?

Yes more coffee enemas, up to five per day.

In Dr. Kelley's book One Answer to Cancer, this is clearly explained.


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