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Post Cancer “treatment” Recovery Questions


Julie asks for help with recovery

Dale Maxwell Answers

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Describe Your diet:

5% or less animal fat     <——

Do not believe me blindly, study the science behind the diet choices.

Reasons for vegan cancer diet:


Reasons to avoid milk to recover and avoid cancer:


Reasons to avoid Chicken to recover and avoid cancer:


Reasons to avoid Beef to recover and avoid cancer:



Describe bowel movements:

only with enemas for last week 1/2 or 2

Describe your skin:

Generally free of fungus and mold,  no yeast infection or thrush

List all Pharmaceuticals now and last year:

currently none

past few months antibiotics for bronchial/lung infection

antidepressants for a short time in  May/June     <——

Suggest work on recovery of gut health


When Did I discover/Told had cancer:

Oct 2011

 I had T1c lesion, 1.7cm grade 2 infiltrating ductal cancer with negative nodes surgery was complete tumor was ER/PR positive, Her-2 Negative, proliferate rate 18% Oncotype DX test show fell into low risk group. Had radiation. Started on Arimidex but It made me extremely tired so I quit taking it

lumpectomy and 35 round of radiation

then notice skin change on same breast  Sept 2015

 had mammogram did not pick anything up. But they instead biopsied the the left twice for suspicious finding, which were benign.Then, notice it's getting itchy around then burning in April/ May. Did not want to believe that finally, had dermatologist biopsy June 27th 2016 that found evidence of metastatic breast cancer Er/ PR positive Her-2 negative as the original was. Saw oncologist July 11th states in report consistent with inflammatory type breast cancer usually seen because of tumor in dermal lymphatics Recommended pet scan/Ct scan.

The truth is he told me it looked spread to lymph nodes and I said “can we cut it out” he said “no”: it would just spread. He stated it was my fault for not taking Arimidex. Only chemo could shrink it, then he could do surgery. I never had any test did not want anything to do with conventional medicine. Did not make sense that it would not spread if I had surgery after, chemo.

List all alternative programs:

Started Budwig July/August waiting for consult Mike V for Cellect finally I  think  August 21st. then when increase dose had difficulty swallowing.   <——

Search Here for More one Swallowing


Please list all Accidents, Assaults, Surgeries or other trauma experienced:   <——

Suggest Emotional releasing Education and practice


Mom always ran away, Dad was drunk and abusive.

Abandoned by parents nine years old.

 Physically,emotionally, Abusive foster parents until age 14

 age 17 kidnapped for prostitution/ but escaped before act happened,thank God

held at gunpoint 17 years old managed to escape,thank God

Assaulted around 20 years old attempted rape. concussion,punched in my head,  beaten. man in back alley threatened cops he ran off. thank God

exploratory laparoscopy 1982. no finding

sebaceous cyst facial 1990's

ruptured L5 disc 1990's

hit with ball hard by juvenile delinquent in right breast 2003/04

lumpectomy 2011

ran into head on, into stomach by multiply shopping carts at Walmart 2013/14

remove 3/12 para thyroids  may 2015.

List all chemical and work related   <——

Bar- alcoholic 12 years  sober since 1/1989

house cleaning business bleach, cleaning chemical X14 for 1990-2002


Above under trauma- severe emotional abuse,abandonment, rejection,

dad passed suddenly/meningitis when I was 23

My youngest daughter moved to New Mexico in early March- empty nest

mom passed this past March,two weeks after my daughter moved away. My grandson 23 year old uncle-car wreck, then my 93 year old neighbor who was like mom to me. Then not personal but devastating were the police in Dallas that were killed for no reason other than they were cops. They were so young it was over whelming to me. to much pain.

Support from spouse for Alt med/conventional:

unlimited support

Support from family for alt med/conventional:


Financial situation



bridges and root canals   <——

Well recognized contributors to disease include:

Root canals, any root canals you may have in your body are releasing toxins, a root canal tooth is dead and no one would leave a dead part in a body, it makes no sense that dentists do this.

You tube Videos


Price-Pottenger foundation lists over 20 books, courses and reports documenting the root canal coverup


Amalgam Fillings



Your biggest fears   <——




God will reject me

Your biggest regrets

having radiation in first place

not practicing EFT sooner

not being a better parent/person

Your Biggest Goal

one year year -survivework with EFT- start a blog, me and my dog cancer blog

three years- closer relationship with middle daughter and grand kids have a blog help others with cancer. have work through all emotions with EFT

Five years- maybe see daughter married maybe, new grand baby. watch my recovering addict oldest daughter get her life together.

Home condition:

Older and need work

weight loss:

one year ago: 163

six months ago: 160

three months ago: 150

two months: 145

one month: 140

current: 134 height 5'5 age 58

Daily activity:

daily 10 min walk   –

 Walk More 

Liquids consume most days:

Fresh juice -6, 8oz chard romaine, carrot apple

herbal tea 2 or 3

water 32- oz distilled & spring low tds 62 ppm   <——

Distilled water is recommended

far infrared Sauna


any other detox

yes, rife with plasma ray tube for two weeks on lowest buildup and two 1/2 on low, just went to moderate but hertzmers is high. may go back   <——

Read about potential hazard for some people with rife machines


Aches and pains:

 occasional arm but mot likely from sleeping on it. a little in sides but most likely from enemas turning positions.

Read More on Coffee Enemas at Instant Relief from Toxic Headaches and Pains

work out of home


work in home

 no children grown

family history cancer



siblings- brother- skin in chest area

It took me two hours to do this.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016 16:48:04 623-242-2460

Dale Maxwell Comments and Instructions and Concerns

Root Canals

Toxins released into bloodstream every moment of every day – this means a load on you immune system and liver


Rife Machine is not a Detox, it is creating additional load on your liver, if it is working it is killing stuff and that stuff must be removed from your body.

Also, Rife machine will focus energy on any metal that is in your body. Metal in root canals? Metal left in you as a “marker” when you had the biopsy?

Emotional Trauma, glad you are tapping, please review my instructions on releasing to make a written list of all events and then carefully measure and log your progress.

Massive damage to your gut health years of life experiences and most recently the antibiotic assault.


Support gut bacteria and re-inoculate your micro-biome

Clinical Strenght Probiotic

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