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Probiotic Usage Question – How and When to Choose and Use


Asked by many People:

Shouldn't I use a probiotic with lots of varieties in the product mix?

If you have gone through any stress or trauma, assault such as medical procedures or chemical drugs, your gut bacteria has been compromised.

The correct probiotic will be needed to assist in the return of your gut health.

When you are taking coffee enemas to assist your body in detoxifying some amount of the good bacteria will be wash away in this process. You may need to support you body with a probiotic implant – this implant is generally not required every time you have an enema and if you are taking Flora orally daily you may only need one occasionally.

Only Right-spinned lactic acid is healthy for humans. Many of the popular probiotics contain strains that when they metabolize (reproduce) produce Left-Spinned lactic acid that requires metabolizing in your liver instead of the other cells in your body.

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