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Removing Root Canals – Is there a Shortcut?


Leo Asks Dale:

Dental issues – we've contacted the organization you've recommended and got a list of doctors in our area (and have talked to one of them), however, our understanding is that the only working solution here is removing all root canal teeth and replacing them with implants. This may take years and cost a fortune. We'll try our best in this direction, but is there a temporary solution that may overcome the damage done by root canals (supplements, some daily routine, etc.) as we don't want to delay our treatment indefinitely?

The challenge for your body is that every moment of every day that every root canal is still in the body it is producing toxins because it is harboring bacteria. The bacteria are producing toxic waste that is flowing into the body and challenging your clean up system; it's just one more thing for the body to overcome. No magic pill (or sterilizing system) will stop bacteria from living and producing toxic waste in a root canal tooth. It is a dead tooth; it was killed when the root canal was created by removing the nerves and flow of nutrition in and metabolic waste out.

It would be unthinkable to leave any other dead part attached to a body. More than 15 million root canals are performed each year in the USA at an average of $1000 each. Each one places a burden on the immune system of it owner, and many will suffer.

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Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach

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