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Can I Safely consume 600ml carrot juice 3 times per day


Nawal asks Dale

Between breakfast and lunch, I drink 600 ml carrot juice mixed with it supplement powder and two other times each day.

The question/concern is are you consuming enough food at the same time to moderate the sugar content?

When drinking carrot juice on an empty stomach many people soon begin to feel weak because their insulin production has gone into overdrive due to the sugar content of the juice. This can be avoided if you press more juice out of the pulp (that is usually discarded when making juice) and drink that too as the nutrients that are in the pulp help to avoid the over production of insulin.

You can also mix green juice, which has no sugar, with the carrot juice to slow the metabolism of the carrot juice.

I recommend that you do not exceed a 50% ratio of carrot juice to green juice if you are not eating around the same time.


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