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How to safely get off prescription drugs


Ideally, work with your MD to gradually get off the drugs. One at a time.

Every drug effects people in different ways but in general abruptly stopping any drug is likely to cause severe problems. And when they are combined it gets, even more, likely to cause “side-effects.”

The drugs that reduce your ability to convert food to nutrition will be at the top of your list to get off. You will want to provide your body with good food AND convert the food into the nutrients and amino acids to rebuild quality new cells. These are primarily ant-acids, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and pain drugs.

Next are the opiates and pain drugs and blood pressure. These drugs slow your system down, typically causing the toxins to linger in your body for a long time often requiring more drugs to boost you back up.

The last group would be the hormone drugs; these are last because you need to get things working better, and then you can lower and possibly get off this class of drugs.


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