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Side Effects of Zithromax (z-pack or Azithromycin)


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Possible side effects of Zithromax

Like all medicines, even a single dose of Zithromax can trigger side effects, some of which may include:

  1. Mucocutaneous effects: allergic skin rash, photosensitivity, pain in the joints, hives, itching, edema and generalized allergic reactions. Rare cases of severe skin reactions have been reported.
  2. Digestive side effects: nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea (rarely severe), abdominal pain, pancreatitis (pancreas disease).
  3. Hepatic effects: increased liver enzymes (reversible when treatment is stopped); severe liver damage in extremely rare cases.
  4. Neurological effects: dizziness; rare cases of convulsions.
  5. Blood effects: Isolated cases of abnormally low levels of platelets.
  6. Psychiatric: rare cases of aggressive behavior, nervousness, restlessness, and anxiety.
  7. Genital effects: inflammation of the vagina.
  8. Auditory effects: rare cases of hearing impairment with whistling, ringing in the ears or deafness.
  9. General effects: fungal infections.


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