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Standard enzymes not too effective for cancer


Question from Paul H for Dale

I was reading an interview with Dr. Gonzalez.  He stated the following: “…I have noticed in 12 years of treating cancer patients with high dose porcine-based pancreatic enzyme …. we use are made specially for my patients in New Zealand. I believe most pancreatic enzymes available either as a prescription or over the counter in health food stores are not effective against cancer. We actually had to develop a manufacturing process to produce what I think are the appropriate enzymes, and they are not available except to my patients.”

Could you comment on that statement from Gonzalez?

When the pancreas gland is harvested in order to “standardize” it, the gland is dissolved into the enzymes that they contain. There are many enzymes in the gland but the three main ones are the only ones at are kept for sale to humans. Amylase, Protease, and Lipase are kept and the standard product is now labeled with the USP designation.

The Kelley Enzymes (and according to Gonzalez his approved enzymes) contain all of the multitudes of enzymes and are sold by Mg rather than USP value.

The Kelley enzymes have additional trypsin and chymotrypsin which are tossed out in the standardize product.

I belive this is what Nicholas was communicating.

Dr Kelley knew this and that is why they work so much better than the standard USP enzymes.


  1. cause (something) to conform to a standard.
    “the editors failed to standardize the spelling of geographic names”
    synonyms: systematize, make consistent, make uniform, make comparable, regulate, normalize, bring into line, equalize, homogenize, regiment

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