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Supplements containing HCL and Pancreatic Enzymes | Not a logical Combination In the same Product


Julie asks about Heartburn

The stomach contents are meant to be acid the acid is there to chemically breakdown the food particles making them small enough so that when they come out of the stomach, the small intestine where the pancreas enzymes are delivered may further break those particles down into their component: nutrients and amino acids.

Consuming a supplement that is a combination it Is ill-advised and unsuccessful in my observation.

When you combine acid and alkaline, they tend to neutralize each other.

  • HCl is the acid
  • The Pancreatin is alkaline

They should not be consumed at the same time.

The time to take the HCl is after you take a bite or two of your meal.

The time to take the pancreatic enzyme to assist in digestion is a minimum of half an hour before starting your meal this will allow the alkaline pancreatic enzyme to pass through the stomach and reside waiting patiently in the small intestine. Your body does not issue pancreatic enzymes in the stomach they are issued after the stomach in the small intestine, and they are triggered issue by the acid coming into small intestine specifically along with all the other fluids that come from the pancreas to neutralize the acid. After the stomach, the rest of the path through your digestive system is meant to be alkaline not acid.

So I do not carry nor do I recommend any of the multitudes of products out there that combine HCl and pancreas.

If you would like to test to find out if you have inadequate HCl or if you're feeling like you're not getting the complete digestion you deserve. I suggest that you use a vita mix machine to mechanically break the components of your meal down in place of HCl. You will find in a few days if you feel much better that the problem is that HCl is not adequate. In this case, I recommend a few weeks of blending all your food with a Vita-Mix machine. Then testing to see if your digestion has been able to recover.

We do not carry the following:





Purchase Betine HCl to take as you eat


Pancreatin thirty minute before you begin to eating

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