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Correct Languaging is Critical to Success with Goals

Two Key Point In Successful Goal Attainment

You must understand and that some things you might write as a goal are technically impossible and then re-frame or language your goal with a correctly structured statement.

Here is my most commonly seen, not quite obtainable phrase.

“Cancer Free in a year”

Here is the reason for my objection to this statement.

“There are 86,400 seconds in a day and so: (2 million x 86,400) + 50 to 70 billion = 222 billion to 242 billion cells produced every day by the average human body. Note, this is for the average adult. The rate of red blood cell production slows as you grow older.”

And some are damaged and other existing cells are damaged (mutated or cancerous)

“Because DNA is the repository of genetic information in each living cell, its integrity and stability are essential to life. DNA, however, is not inert; rather, it is a chemical entity subject to assault from the environment, and any resulting damage, if not repaired, will lead to mutation and possibly disease. Perhaps the best-known example of the link between environmental-induced DNA damage and disease is that of skin cancer, which can be caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation in the form of sunlight (and, to a lesser degree, tanning beds). Another example is the damage caused by tobacco smoke, which can lead to mutations in lung cells and subsequent cancer of the lung. Beyond environmental agents, DNA is also subject to oxidative damage from byproducts of metabolism, such as free radicals. In fact, it has been estimated that an individual cell can suffer up to one million DNA changes per day (Lodish et al., 200″


So my suggestion is the better language for your goal would be

Feeling better and better with no measurable sign of cancer when tested yearly. (by blood or urine? or by Dr. Kelley's Pancreas Self Test Link below)

This is a good goal because it is:

Measurable (better and better as revealed in reviewing your daily log or journal.

Some amount of complete pancreas supplement consumed each day to support your bodies pancreas and occasional (once or twice a year will be fine) test to find out where you are in your pancreas health.

Dr. Kelley’s Pancreas Self-Test






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