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The Vaccine Hoax – It Is Time to Start Thinking About Jail Time For Pro-Vaxxers…


The Science Is In – Vaccines Are Worthless and Terribly Dangerous…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Years ago I worked in the Power Industry.  The Public Relations position of that industry was simple – low profile.  We didn’t want people to think about electricity except to, without any thought, walk into a room, flip a wall switch, turning on the lights, and pay the bill once a month.

There was a whole world behind that wall switch that no one ever payed any attention to.  It was just there.  No one ever noticed the existence of a huge network of generating stations, power lines, substations, command centers, transformers, etc.,  until the population centers began to match demand  with available electrical generation – and the strain on the system became an issue.

Then it became a very big issue – and the problems for the power industry escalated.  Suddenly, it became very hard to build new power lines, generating plants.  People wanted all of those power lines underground, and out of sight.  Everyone began to notice that smoke coming out of generating plants…  And the power industry was beset with a whole new set of problems.

Push had come to shove…

It is kind of like that in the US health care industry.  There were ALWAYS problems but then one day it all changed.  Like a lightbulb going on over America’s head, suddenly the reality of the US health care system was VERY noticeable – like a week-dead animal smell.

Somebody had flipped a switch on the wall putting a harsh light on the reality of the, not only nearly useless, but extremely expensive, official US health care offering.  The physical dangers of that system became patently obvious.  We can thank the State of California for the wake up call…

Wake up call?  Oh yeah.  California.

It started with the passing of SB 277…

We live in a busy world where we are constantly beset with input.  There is virtually nothing “laid back” in California any more.  To survive here takes a lot more work than in past generations.  So, our daily focus is on what is directly in front of us – not on remote social concepts.  It takes a lot to shift our attention.  Whole industries thrive on shifting that attention if even for a few seconds.

What is easiest becomes the daily play.  No one ever contacts the city they live in until the pothole they hit in front of their driveway, as they back out, becomes so bad that the morning coffee spills on their new suit – and they have eighteen minutes to be in a meeting.

The “Daily Play” in health care was to just go along, and accept what the authority figure in the long white coat, with a stethoscope hanging around their neck, said to do. That concept was reinforced by a dictum from a public agency…  Trust your government, right?

A significant part of the State of California Health Department’s annual budget is dependent upon continuously INCREASING the percentage of vaccinated people in the State.  That situation comes from a deal with the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).  Every bureaucrat’s primary goal, in EVERY case, is to INCREASE their own importance and their agency’s income, and number of employees under their authority.   It is written into their DNA structure.

If an agency upper level employee is seen with an Audi, BMW, Lexus, Baby Mercedes, or Volvo over two years old, they are not allowed in Sacramento restaurants at lunch time – and the sniggering they overhear in Capital hallways gets louder as their car gets older.  It is the reality of government service.  Think I’m joking?  No, I am not.

Bureaucracies have their own reputation.  If you are not familiar with it, watch this short seven minute video on “Controlling Bureaucracies – Crash Course.” 

What Big Pharma managed to do, through their wholly owned subsidiary the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), was to bypass one of the greatest of bureaucratic controls – the control of funding.  The California Department of Health and its subsidiaries the County Health Departments, found that they can tell the California legislature to go fly a kite over funding, for they now have their own way to generate money.  LOTS of money.

Sarcasm – If the State of California Health Department found a way to increase their budget by running down pedestrians in crosswalks, and on sidewalks in downtown Sacramento, there’d be dead bodies everywhere.  And the Health Department would have their lobbyists trying to get new legislation mandating that those pedestrians have to pay for the damage to the bureaucrat’s vehicles.

The California Department of Health is NO LONGER much interested in anything  having to do with health.  It is Big Pharma’s vaccine sales force.  Their pay is DEPENDENT on making vaccine sales quotas.

So, one day last year’s vaccine quotas were reached.  What was a Health Department to do?  Next year’s budget was on the line, and there were new downtown restaurants to be seen in.  How do they increase the numbers?

Easy – This year, make vaccine MANDATORY for school children. Next year for adults.  No problem, right?


The citizens found the potholes, so to speak, and they all have telephones, and internet.

The US Anti-Vaccination movement, growing like an inverted pyramid, armed itself, and continues to pick up speed.

Every day, in every way, US citizens are finding out that there is not just the one pothole in front of their own driveway – That the US health care system is one big pharma driven axle-breaking bumpy road.

The New anti-SB 277 Lawsuit is in the Writing Stage…

Last August 31st, 2106 I wrote an article titled SB 277 Lawsuit – Case Dismissed! – All Day Discussions End in Each Side Going Their Own Way – I Approve…”

In that article I said:

What will the new lawsuit say?

I’ll keep you posted as it develops.  But, for now I have two short interviews for you to watch.  The first is Robert Scott Bell interviewing Jim Turner.  The second is Robert interviewing Bob Moxley.  Both are about where the litigation needs to go.

https://www.facebook.com/TheRSBSHOW/videos/1300437393301374/ Video interview with Jim Turner

https://www.facebook.com/TheRSBSHOW/videos/1300495529962227/ Video interview with Robert Moxley

I am well aware of how much work is going on behind the scenes getting the new case organized.  After reading the summary of the originally designed case by the two research attorneys I brought up two points:

(1)  California vaccine providers, and administrators, knowingly hide the dangers of vaccines from their victims, and totally misrepresent their safety and effectiveness.

(2)  Vaccines REALLY ARE made in China, and other third world countries, and there really are NO quality control measures in place – neither in the manufacturing, nor in the transportation.  Vaccines are made, shipped to California un-inspected, and force-jammed into innocent children as a requirement to go to school.

We should see these facts reflected in the new lawsuit.

But, I think it is time to go much, much further…

Pro-Vaxxers know how bad the vaccine situation really is and cover it up to keep making money. They need to go to jail....Pro-Vaxxers know how bad the vaccine situation really is and cover it up to keep making money. They need to go to jail….

What kind of people have we spawned in our government that could, and would, damage America’s children this way?

Vaccine Damage has grown exponentially.  There is SO MUCH we just cannot deny it.

Pediatricians, to me, deserve a special place in Hell, for they see, every day, the results of those vaccinations, and ignore those facts as long as the money rolls in.

State Health Departments play the denial game, pretending they don’t notice how much money School Districts are spending on educating, and in some cases, just baby-sitting, vast numbers of vaccine damaged children.

What this new lawsuit is going to do…

I know that most people believe, probably as a result of movies, that you must WIN a lawsuit to win the battle, or the war.  That just isn’t so.  The lawsuit process is just as important, and in some ways more important, than winning.

For example, if in a lawsuit the Plaintiff alleges a Conspiracy is happening, during the case discovery process uncovers the fact that not only was there a Conspiracy, but RICO type criminal activity, then the case can be Amended to include that.  More, a criminal case can come out of the investigation.

For instance, I predict that William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower is going to testify to some very interesting things in deposition.  So is Charity Dean MD.  Dicky Pan is going to be wearing Depends…

So, there is one very important bit of information I need to pass along.  

Very few people know this.  The primary function of a Federal, State, or County Grand Jury is to investigate bad government.

That’s right – Bad government…

Just below is an excerpt from the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury page.  Santa Barbara County you may remember, is where Charity Dean MD resides as the top official for the local health department.

Read this below, and read all the way down to the bottom.  I just gave you a new tool…


The Grand Jury is an investigatory body created for the protection of society and the enforcement of the law. Although the responsibilities of a juror are many and diverse, the three predominant functions include:

A.  Civil Government Oversight.  This is the major function of present day grand jurors, and considerable effort is devoted to these responsibilities. The Grand Jury may examine all aspects of county and city government and special districts to ensure that the best interests of Santa Barbara County citizens are being served. The Grand Jury reviews and evaluates procedures, methods and systems utilized by county government to determine whether more efficient and economical programs may be employed. The Grand Jury is also authorized to:

Inspect and audit books, records and financial expenditures to ensure that public funds are properly accounted for and legally spent;

Inspect financial records of districts in Santa Barbara County;

Inquire into the conditions of jails and detention centers;

Inquire into any charges of willful misconduct in office by public officials or employees.

Most Grand Jury oversight findings are contained in reports describing problems encountered and making recommendations for solutions. These are released upon completion.

At the end of its term, the Santa Barbara County Grand Jury issues a final report on the operations of Santa Barbara County government.

B. Citizen Complaints. As part of the civil function, the Grand Jury receives letters from citizens alleging mistreatment by officials, suspicions of misconduct or governmental inefficiencies. Complaints received from citizens are acknowledged and investigated for their validity. Such complaints are kept confidential. If the situation warrants, and corrective action is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Jury, appropriate action is taken.

C. Criminal Investigations. Occasionally and under certain circumstances, the Grand Jury may be requested by the Judge to serve as a Criminal Grand Jury. A special Criminal Grand Jury is selected to hold hearings to determine whether evidence presented by the district attorney is of sufficient nature to warrant a person to stand trial in court. A minimum of twelve jurors must vote for an indictment in any criminal proceedings. The types of cases presented to the Grand Jury by the district attorney usually include:

Cases involving public officials or employees.

Cases involving police officers.

Cases in which the statute of limitations is about to expire.

White collar crimes, and

Other cases the district attorney deems appropriate.


The Grand Jury issues its final report each year in late June. The report is available to all county residents, and is delivered to the news media, libraries and to heads of affected government agencies. Affected agencies are required to respond to the report findings and recommendations within 60 to 90 days. Those responses are also available to the public. The Grand Jury releases individual reports as they are completed over the year.


Grand Jurors are a diverse volunteer group of citizens from the five supervisorial districts. The community is best served by a mix of ethnic, gender, age and economic differences. In order to accomplish the county oversight functions, committees are normally established to address:

Audit County finance and Administration

County Services and Special Districts

Cities and Joint Power Agencies

Health, Education and Welfare

Law, Justice and Public Safety



The Grand Jury is responsive to the suggestions and complaints from citizens about issues the jury should investigate. Each suggestion is reviewed by the full Grand Jury, or assigned to one of the jury’s committees for consideration. You may contact the Grand Jury through mail, phone, fax and email. Though the jury cannot investigate every issue, every comment is duly considered. All complaints received by the Grand Jury are treated confidentially. The Grand Jury’s records may not be inspected nor subpoenaed. All Grand Jury investigations and interviews are kept confidential. 

Have I ever used a Grand Jury in my work?   Yup…

Does it work?  Yup…

Grand Juries issue Indictments.  What is an Indictment?

In most legal cases, after an indictment has been handed down by a grand jury, the defendant is arraigned on the charges and pleads guilty or not guilty in court. Legal motions and court hearings follow arraignment, and a defendant is put on trial in front of a jury.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

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