Two Home Made Stove Top Breads


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I am making bread from quinoa flour and buckwheat flour no oil just flour and water.

Ok, I am doing another type of bread its called dosa is Indian food. It is a mixture of lentils or legumes and brown rice. The lentils and legumes and rice are soaked in water over night. in the morning, it's a little bit fermented. I keep water one side, put the stuff in a blender and blend adding that water according to need until a liquidy dough if formed. Then I cook it as crepe in a noon stick fry pan, no oil at all

Yes, the bread is made into a dough, the I spread it flat and cook it on the nonstick pan. I bought a stainless steel fry pan coated with ceramic.

Thanks for the feedback.

My preference for frying pans is stainless steel, I like the ones marketed as “waterless” they have multiple layers, seven or nine. Or if you want an electric skillet, it would be an oil core stainless.

Here is the link to the waterless cookware

I use waterless cookware exclusively when I cook.

Some vegetables do not need any water – most use about an eight of an inch in the bottom of the pan then fill 2/3 of the pot with veggies and set on medium. Put on the lid. Most will whistle, or click. Then turn to close the valve and take off heat. In 3-5 minutes cooked to perfection.

I had corn on the cob cooked this way today, first of the season, and it was sweet as sugar (as I remember sugar.)

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