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Understanding blood tests: What they mean and why they need to be considered in the bigger picture.

First you need to understand that blood tests are fairly inaccurate.

Second, when looking at blood tests we want to look at them over time and look for a direction the numbers are moving in, assuming that the tests are consistent.

Cancer takes a while to develop, so it seems to me that expecting instant turnaround is unrealistic.

Here's what I like people to do:

First, understand that you need to take blood tests on the fifth day of taking no enzymes.

The reason is that many of the tests come out wrong if you've been taking enzymes because enzymes break cancer cells and those broken pieces are sometimes counted.

Now, in a perfect world we get the blood tests done in the beginning, before any therapeutic doses of enzymes have been taken.

Two months down the road, in some cases, we expect the blood test numbers to be slightly higher.

After two more months, the blood test numbers will begin to come down.

The big thing for you to be looking for is, how do you feel?  If you have lumps, are they beginning to feel different?

For instance, after four months you should see some improvement in your appetite.

Are you sleeping better?

Are you having more stamina?

If you previously (before starting the therapeutic doses of enzymes) had any intervention from conventional medical practitioners, your improvement can take a bit longer.

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