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Why Vegan Lifestyle is Recommended to Recover from Cancer


Hi! Dale,  thank you again for the info. Just a few question what about meat,  pasta,  fish. Will I stay away from these or can eat them. The recipes are this the only food I will eat. Thank you and God Bless.



As much as possible I recommend a vegan lifestyle at least in the beginning of recovery.

Here is  a list of reasons:

Number one: your body doesn't have to work as hard to get the nutrition out of plant products.

Number two: it takes much more of the enzyme material your body produces and that you're consuming to digest animal products.

Number three: animal products will always have between six and 20 times as many toxins in them as the plant equivalent in calories. In order to create the animal it took between six and 23 pounds of plant material to create 1 pound of animal.

Number four: No fiber in animal products.

Certainly after a few months or years you can occasionally, perhaps at holidays, have some small amount of animal product. If you've been paying attention to how you feel you will probably notice you don't feel as healthy and strong when you consume those animal products. You may end up wanting to avoid them on an ongoing basis.

You can get all the nutrition you need to thrive consuming only plant products including of course beans, nuts, seeds, greens, and fruits.



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