Viral words and phrases


The words you use can be uplifting and positive – or – depressing and negative.

The words you are exposed to can be uplifting and positive – or – depressing and negative.


Now is the time for you to inoculate yourself against negative language. It will take you just a moment to open the awareness already residing in you. Disempowering language is not good for you or for the recipient.  When crafting the written word it is perhaps even more important to pay attention.

Some viral words / phrases : Comment
I am sorry While at first it sounds OK, it is disempowering for both the sender of the message and the recipient. The sender sounds like a wimp/fool/weakling and the recipient is not engaged in forgiving you. So a more powerful and better statement is to ask for forgiveness.
Try Trying to do anything precludes success. To paraphrase a famous puppet “Luke, do not try … do or do not.”
Maybe A dis-empowering word – use yes or no
A headache lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours. This verbiage was taken from a column written by an MD. This is an example of a command delivered by an authority figure. Watch out for commands delivered by authority figures.
You get over that. This was a statement in a movie where the mother commands the adult daughter, with regards to the adult daughter wanting male companionship.

Your “State” the frequency that you are vibrating in is controllable with language

You can improve your State or erode your state by the words you use, the following are a few examples.

Some viral words / phrases that effect State: Comment, alternative language
Some one asks you how business is and you answer Alternate positive and true answer can always be “Unbelievable” ! Stated with your most enthusiastic voice.
I am stressed out by
life… events… etc
I am excited, I am entertained, I remain neutral, I remain grounded, I gain strength and flexibility by events, I am unstoppable!
Old Reliable, staying power, wisdom, flexibility, movement.
I feel tired I sleep deep, well and awake with energy and excitement.
I am accident prone This message programs your nature to be just that. I remain in balance.



List your own and those you observe.

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