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6 Amalgams and 1 Root Canal Cancer Surgery 2013


Instructions for E. L.

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Recommend you address the teeth, remove the root canal and amalgams to reduce the load on your immune system.


Well recognized contributors to disease include:
Root canals, any root canals you may have in your body are releasing toxins, a root canal tooth is dead and no one would leave a dead part in a body, it makes no sense that dentists do this.
You tube Videos

Price-Pottenger foundation lists over 20 books, courses and reports documenting the root canal coverup

Amalgam Fillings


Reinoculate gut bacteria

What things damage good bacteria?


Liviotic 350 Clinical Strength High Potency, Multispecies, Multistrain Probiotic


Some amount of enzymes

Question: How many pancreatic enzymes should I take with each meal?


Pancreatin, 1200 mg, 1,000 Tablets, Take 30 Minutes Before Food

Dr Kelley's Pancreatic Enzymes, PEP, 750 mg., 360 Capsules

Clean up Small Intestine for six months:

Standard Process Okra Pepsin E3, 150 Capsules (50 day supply)

Bring Diet into compliance with less than 5% Animal Intake

Why Diet 95 % whole food plant based 5% animal – no free flowing oils




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