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More detail in addition to answer to questions + Important note on HCL + Enzymes


a bit of background on me.
I have been an alternative health researcher for the past 20 some years, what I sent was only a snippet as it is long and involved.
As far as keeping a log of what I eat it is just not going to happen, I have started many times and given up unable to keep it up.
I can tell you I am all organic, mostly  raw vegan, no packaged foods.
, plant-based,2- 3 meals a day some snacks.
 most regularly eaten……….
 nuts, seeds( mostly soaked).
Salads: green leafys,
 root vegetables,carrots, beets ,sweet potato,burdock,sunchoke
sun dried olives
mung beans (cooked)
Fruit, Apples,blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, papaya
coconut, coconut oil
100%olive oil
Flax seed
Sometimes  protein powders, maca,
dried spices
fibers: flax,slippery elm,acacia
Clay, charcoal (away from food ) sometimes psyllium,
herbal teas, peppermint, roibos,dandelion, chanca piedra,pau d arco,milk thistle, holy basil
Having issues with oxalates so staying away from high containing foods.
when i want something sweet I use dates, apricots, coconut granules as a sweetener
I do not eat at restaurants, I do eat some select dishes from our co-op deli PCC.
very rarely eat small amounts of wild salmon, canned sardines, 100% grass fed local beef. (rare)
grains Usually avoid but Black forbidden rice, split pea soup , wild rice sometimes.
I just started using “Wright salt”  I believe this is potassium based ?  (Dr Jonathan Wrights formula) I do have some potassium powder but stopped after only a couple doses because I felt it was not good for my kidneys. perhaps a minute dose ?
take HLC and enzymes each meal, helps with gut pain.also do occasional castor liver/gut packs and follow up with coffee enemas after 4 nights of packs, helps tremendously !
Water: deionized (distilled though not steam, from co-op machine.) add when I can remember some sea minerals, oxygen, fulvic acid in minute amounts. ( I have recently switched from R/O but forgot:)
have been proven through blood test …
low V. D3
Low Zinc, high copper
slightly acidic blood
Autoimmune hyperthyroid
and a few others, thus concluded my detox pathway is blocked and have leaky gut (allergies, chemical sensitivities etc)
Also probably high lead, mercury,  and toxic mold.
am starting supplements all supportive (not killers) for this.
I rarely and with very long intervals take the “killers”  mostly focus on those that do not destroy “the good Bacteria”
Mostly herbal and rarely what I wrote. (please note that I only take the amphotericin b into the sinuses and haven't done nearly any as of yet, this is formulated through a compounding pharmacist, I think it is helping as does C Silver in sinus, but need probiotics for sinuses too! (any suggestions)
 but yes a round of antibiotics when I was 23 and being on the pill for 11 years  and a root canal in my late 20s.did me in !!!
let alone the copious amounts of toxic mold and chemicals from my home (X Home:(
I do not have any root canals, but do need some serious dental work that I cannot afford…sigh…
I do take some probiotics I will concentrate on getting more and would like more detailed information on the ones you have. mainly all strains and “other ingredients” how many servings ? is this a powder ? That is great because less “othering.” that I am sensitive to.
So- More water, more probiotics (eat like candy :)
what else do you see ?
still interested in the pancreatic enzymes.
I used to be an athlete, gymnast, jazz dancer, yoga, hiking, stretching, chi gong, dancing (waltz, swing, square) what I gave you before is worst case scenario.
excersize comes and goes with my energy levels, weather influences and others . It is not feasible to join a gym.
I do not use ANY chemicals in anything I use.
Parasites are an issue I believe and feel better when on a parasite cleanse.  I do one a year maybe? herbal.
Hope this is more clarifying, let me know if there are any more questions.

Important note on HCL  +  Enzymes

Read my instructions on HCL and Enzymes here:

No Free Oil
My General Diet Recommendations:
Based on your history
One container of https://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/product/liviotic-350-clinical-strength-high-potency-multispecies-multistrain-probiotic/ this is taken over 15 days. If you pay attention and notice symptoms of die off (the bad guys dying faster than your body can detox) cut back to 1/2 packet per day and order a second bottle you will need to take longer you have more to deal with. After this, if you can manage it using every other day or even once a week may be appropriate, you will have to explore your need.
How many enzymes? Read this page for guidance: https://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/question-how-many-pancreatic-enzymes-should-i-take-with-each-meal/
Also if you have access to a Vitamix, test a week or two with grinding up everything that goes into your mouth (no HCL needed). If it turns out you feel stronger then a month or two is generally all it takes to heal, and then you can begin to re-introduce chewing and HCL and see how it goes.
Parasite cleanses, once you get your digestion under control with the correct amount of enzyme and restoring the gut, unless you have gotten re-infected with a nasty parasite, likely not needed each year.
If your teeth are infected (cavities, gums) then you are dumping disease into your body every day and reducing your health by the additional load on your live and ability to detox (maybe one or two coffee enemas worth).
 Wright salt – your plant-based diet is providing all you need.
If you continue having issues with cramping etc due to multiple coffee enemas we have the potassium compound salts used at the Gerson Clinic, you may tolerate it.


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