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Cleaning Products – Non-Toxic and safe

We use two products around the house.

Purely Green (25) Concentrate

I use it as a body and shampoo and have for many years. – If a more concentrated form it is excellent for removing bicycle chain grease from my hands after maintaining or repairing my trike.


Purely Green 25 Cleaning and degreaser


Safe to use Purely Green Cleaning Formula

And for laundry we use

Quick N Brite


Quick N Brite Cleaner

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When gas is happening, what are the possible causes?

List of possible contributors to gas.

  • Food choices, including animal products.
  • Stomach acid not breaking the food into small enough particles.
  • Timing on enzymes too close to eating.
  • Drugs, antibiotics, supplements, oxidizers all can reduce gut microbiome health. (Suggest clinical probiotic).
  • Snacks: Sugars, food additives, topical exposures.
  • Liquids, other than distilled water.
  • Balance of raw food to cooked foods too heavy on raw.
  • Changes in sleep patterns.
  • Shower filter to remove chlorine too old.
  • Drinking non-distilled water.

Hormone disruptors can contribute to digestion imbalance:

  • Laundry soap
  • Dishwasher detergents
  • Hair Coloring
  • Makeup
  • Synthetic clothing

After reviewing the above list of possible causes you may want to contact me for specific guidance.

Dale 623-242-2460 [email protected]

Natural Health Strategy Session

Some supplements that could help.

Multi Enzymes | taken with food

Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), 325 mg., 100 Capsules


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New Authoritative Report Shows 73% Of DHHS, CDC, FDA Regulations “Unconstitutional…”

Does this mean that all of the rules governing Childhood Vaccines are illegal? Opinion by Ralph Fucetola JD Lawful regulations must be adopted in strict compliance with certain statutes and rules. An Agency that fails to follow the rules in rule-making has created an unconstitutional regulation. These procedures, under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and … Continue reading New Authoritative Report Shows 73% Of DHHS, CDC, FDA Regulations “Unconstitutional…”
Source: Science based analysis of the North American health care system

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“Measles Propaganda” Rises Again…

Frankly, folks, I was appalled that the Marxist press was so eager, once again, to gin up a way to trash Trump. By Elissa Meininger – Historian and Health Policy Analyst Recently, it was CNN that managed to condemn Melania on Mother’s Day for not pushing measles shots…. or, more correctly, the MMR shot.  CNN … Continue reading “Measles Propaganda” Rises Again…
Source: Science based analysis of the North American health care system

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dose instruction

Really there’s no excuse not to take pancreatic enzymes a half an hour before you eat

For a person with any kind of cancer, there is really no excuse not to take pancreatic enzymes USP a half an hour before you eat.

When you are recovering from cancer or if you just want your body to have all the tools available to create perfect new cells, some amount of enzymes are needed to do the job.

If you're older than 25 years old chances are your pancreas is not producing enough enzymes.

Since you believe you have cancer I’m concerned that you didn't order the complete package: The Kelley enzymes, Solozyme, that you take between meals, plus the 1200 mg USP pancreatin enzymes (capsules or tablets) (especially if you're traveling a lot) that you take thirty minutes prior to eating.

I would like you to try them. I want you to take several, maybe three or four, one-half hour before you eat to see if you feel like you're getting more complete digestion of your food. The recommended dosage is 8 of the 1200 mg USP pancreatin enzymes half an hour before consuming food three times a day which is why we generally sell a 1000 size container because it makes the cost much lower. They work very well for most people and when they do, it is something that people consume at some amount for years and years. It personally took me about seven years to be able to get down to zero amount of enzymes before eating. This does not mean that I am totally restored and moved back to age 20. I recommend, if you do get down to that zero amount, that you test yourself every couple of months to see if your body needs the enzymes again.

As you heal, the amount you need to supplement to get complete digestion will become less. I have written more detail at this post:

Digesting Food

Cleaning up your diet, reducing the amount of animal products to zero, and eating smaller meals, all contribute to making it easier for the amount of enzymes your body produces to be successful at dispatching all of the food (breaking it down into amino acids and other nutrients) that you consume.

Stress also contributes to the number of enzymes that your body requires because stress compresses the pancreas and causes it to not work as well. So if a stressful event comes up in your life you may need to go back to taking a larger amount of enzymes. You just have to pay attention.

Stress is not limited to what happens today. Stress can also be created from something that happened in your past. If any of this resonates with you, please read more about it at the link below, and feel free to reach out to me for guidance.


Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?


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Question regarding diet | cooked | raw | ratios

Whole food plant items should be clearly understood by anyone wanting to regain or assure health.

Packaged foods ( ie: veggie burgers) are not ideal because they are created in a factory perhaps across the country or world, they almost always:

  • contain additives
  • contain preservatives
  • packaged in plastic or foil
  • may not be 100% organic or free of GMO ingredients

When purchasing local organic ingredients and preparing your meals at home you will know what you are consuming

You will soon discover the ratio of raw foods to cooked foods that work for you.

Items that are cooked will include:

  • rice
  • beans
  • sweet potatoes
  • oatmeal
  • grains

Items that do not require cooking will include:

  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • apples
  • any other fruits you enjoy

I do not recommend juicing for most people, I like the fiber so a Vitamix is used when needed.


One other category to mention:

  • fermented veggies – try various varieties
  • sourkrout
  • kimchee



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Why Beef Pancreas is not as Effective for Cancer

Opinion by Dale Maxwell, Disease Recovery Coach

Cattle (beef) are not omnivorous by nature so their pancreas is not built to digest anything but grass.

Pigs (porcine enzymes) are the closest in function to the human pancreas functionally. We only recommend and sell porcine enzymes.

Use pancreatic enzymes for digestion:

Tablets are more forgiving than capsules, they travel better than capsules and if you fail to take your enzymes a full thirty minutes prior to eating, missing the thirty minutes and consuming the tablets, people report they still get good results.

If you are excellent at keeping track and expect to always time your consumption of enzymes then choose the capsule version of the 1200's:

Pancreatin, 1200 mg, 1,000 Capsules, Take 30 Minutes Before Food

Need guidance on how many enzymes you need to get compete digestion

Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?


Use pancreatic enzymes for cancer recovery:

Dosage recommendations for cancer:

Colon Balance | How to repair and rebalance your healthy Gut



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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and an Amazing Vaccine Legal Victory…

Del Bigtree’s Master Class on Vaccines and Autism – Part 1… By Kent Heckenlively, JD On Thursday, July 12, 2018, Del Bigtree’s show, High-Wire, gave a master class on vaccines and autism, featuring some of the most exciting news we have heard in YEARS.  The link to the show is below. I have broken the … Continue reading Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and an Amazing Vaccine Legal Victory…

The post Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and an Amazing Vaccine Legal Victory… appeared first on BolenReport.

Source: Science based analysis of the North American health care system

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Earth Energy Stresses

The Geomantic Lines

In geomancy and radiesthesia, various geomantic grids and earth rays are distinguished: the Curry, Hartmann and Benker grids and fault lines and water veins.


Fault lines

Because the continents and the earth’s crust are in motion, new friction and tension points constantly arise, causing fault lines. They can be torn open by earthquakes or volcanic activity or emerge as the result of seismic influences and glaciers that move a great deal of rock. These forces form breaks and cracks in the rock layers which can be several kilometers long. The layers rub against these fractures, resulting in differences in elevation. Rays from within the earth, similar to those from water veins, which we will discuss later, exit these faults; they are significantly wider.

Combined with geomantic grid intersections, these fault lines emit even more radiation. They are among the strongest and most dangerous interference zones for humans, especially when they run under houses and sleeping quarters. Fault lines are treacherous because they are deep underground and thus usually not recognizable. Sensitive people perceive their orientation and effects quite directly and often suffer when they remain nearby for too long. But even people who cannot feel them directly experience irritability and anxiety and have trouble concentrating.


Water veins

Water veins are the most common cause of earth radiation; there are many more of them than there are fault lines. But the delineations of their radiation fields are indistinct. There are three types of water veins:

Water-rich areas have strong ground water currents, particularly in the basins of lakes and rivers. They flow parallel to the above-ground water, from inlet to outlet of a lake or the source of a river to the sea, generating earth or water radiation.

Underground channels are independent subterranean rivers, not determined by the flow of the surface water bodies above them. They run at a depth of up to 1,200 m and can be several meters wide for kilometers at a time. These underground rivers have an exceptionally strong effect on people, especially when they run below villages and cities.

Drainage systems conduct rainwater or overflow from rivers and lakes into the ground and thus into the groundwater. These water veins and their radiation fields are the weakest, not least because they are only present during rainy weather.


Hartmann grid 

The grid is named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, who was the first to discover and research this grid. He conducted geobiological research with scientists from related disciplines to verify his findings. The Hartmann grid is a cubic network of earth rays that encompasses the earth horizontally. The lines of this grid run from north to south at intervals of 2 m and from west to east at intervals of 2.50 m. This creates not cubes, but prisms with a width-to-length ratio of 4/5. The magnetic energies of these prisms alternate from positive to negative, which means that they are generally balanced and have no significant effect on people. However, when the Hartmann grid lines or their intersections cross other grids, water veins or fault lines, they can create rays that are just as harmful as the others. They usually cause nervous disorders, frequent illnesses, sleeplessness and general uneasiness.


Benker grid

The grid is named after the master carpenter and avid dowser Anton Benker, who discovered it and documented its presence. The Benker grid, unlike the Hartmann grid, is symmetrical (forming cubes) and runs around the earth nearly parallel to the former, although there are minor variations. It is comprised of rows and columns of 10 x 10 meter cubes with alternating positive and negative charges which affect humans quite directly. The positive fields can be harmful if one stays in them for too long: they can cause overstimulation, inflammation, nervousness and general restlessness. The negative fields can draw energy out of the body and have a weakening effect, lowering our immune system’s defenses against illness. The Benker grid emits no immediately harmful radiation, but during lengthy stays near Benker lines or shorter stays at points where grid lines cross faults or water veins and other grids, its interference can become noticeable, especially when the intersections of more than one grid coincide.


Curry grid

The energetic grid is named after Dr. Manfred Curry, who discovered it and was the first to report on it, attracting a great deal of attention. The Curry grid is a global cubic network, but its earth rays run diagonally, unlike the Hartmann and Benker grids, which run around the earth horizontally.

The cubes formed by the Curry grid have a width of 3 meters and the energy lines are about 20 cm wide. This grid network runs from pole to pole with a northwest-southeast and northeast-southwest orientation. It is influenced greatly by the phases of the moon and emits much more radiation at night than during the day, especially when the moon is full. Sleep disorders are attributed to this grid, especially at full moon and sensitive people sometimes find the radiation of this grid particularly troublesome. The intersections of the Curry grid with other grids generate the highest levels of radiation and can cause regular health problems such as migraines, headaches and tooth and jaw pain. The highly energetic Curry grid also resonates with the following electromagnetic lines and fields.


Note: All three geomantic grids are cubic and correspond to the cube formed by the five Platonic bodies of creation (see page 28).


This is just a small excerpt from the book GAIA LEGACY.


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dose instruction

Edema – How to Address Correction Naturally




Energy Medicine and Upsetting Energy in your Environment 

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Pesticides making America STUPID: Agricultural chemicals found to lower the IQ of children

It is more important than ever for you and your family to consume only organic food.

If you’re expecting a baby or considering starting a family soon, you’ve probably been reading up on how to give your child the best start in life. You probably wouldn’t dream of lighting up a cigarette or getting drunk while you’re pregnant, but you could very well be doing something that can be quite harmful to your unborn child if you’re being exposed to pesticides.

This isn’t a warning that only applies to farm workers; 33 million pounds of organophosphate pesticides were used in the U.S. in 2007 alone, putting countless people at risk.

Three studies that examined children from very different backgrounds all reached the same conclusion: Prenatal exposure to these pesticides can have a significant long-term adverse effect on a child’s brain health, and it doesn’t matter if that exposure came from crops or cockroach control products. We’re not talking about a small difference, either; the exposure lowered children’s IQ by as many as seven points!

In the two studies that took place in New York, inner-city children aged 6 to 9 who had been born to mothers who were exposed to chlorpyrifos noted working memory decreases of 2.8 percent and IQ drops of 1.4 percent for every increment of exposure. This means the effect is linear; those who had higher levels of exposure experienced more negative effects on cognition. It’s a drop that can cause serious problems in math and reading.

Another study, this one carried out in California, looked at 300 children who lived in Monterey County agricultural communities where organophosphates were sprayed on crops and wind drift made exposure even worse. Their mothers had been studied during pregnancy to assess the organophosphate metabolites in their systems to determine their exposure. Their offspring underwent tests during childhood that included intelligence tests.

Read the entire story:

Pesticides making America STUPID: Agricultural chemicals found to lower the IQ of children

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Part #4 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…

Big Pharma Funded “Professional Divisives” (The Skeptics) Have Infiltrated the Anti-Vax FaceBook Groups… They Are Deciding What Can Be Seen and/or Not Seen… And It Ain’t Pretty… Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen Big Pharma spends, perhaps, hundreds of millions of dollars trying to silence its critics, and that process works to some extent.  … Continue reading Part #4 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…

The post Part #4 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed… appeared first on BolenReport.

Source: Science based analysis of the North American health care system

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