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Is this the correct Kelley dosage?


Tim asks Dale:

Enzymes – 24 a day, 6x a day, four at a time  –3x/day I take them 30” before each of my three meals; and 3x/day I take them 1 ½ -2 hours away from food (arise, mid-afternoon and before bed)

Now taking Univase Forte 1850 mg Pancreatin +other enzymes/capsule, from Rocky Fork Formulas or CytoPharma.

These two companies may not be producing the same exact formula. Please check the labels and let me know if they are the same. I would not recommend this formula as a direct replacement for the Kelley Enzymes.

Until you exhaust your supply of these enzymes you may take two of them and two 1200's 30 minutes before food.

The Kelley Program calls for 54 grams per day, and enough coffee enemas each day to handle the side effects of the CORRECT enzymes breaking up the cancer cells and the liver overflowing. It seems like many of the non-Kelley enzymes do not always produce the desired results.

The proven protocol is to consume nine grams of enzymes 30-minutes (up to an hour) prior to eating, three times per day. If you eat more times per day divide the 27 grams per day into smaller portions.

Take 1200 tablets for the 30 minutes before food. These enzymes are the best price point for quality pancreatin.


27 Grams per day in three portions of nine grams each, taken well away from food so all the enzyme material makes it into the bloodstream, so it can be delivered where the body can use it to fight the disease. Take SoloZyme well away from food.

Trying to learn about how and when to take them to be most effective

Q. Is it okay to drink juice with the enzymes? Or is that considered “food” and the enzymes will be digesting the food instead of cancer?

Please check this post for the answer:

How long should I wait AFTER TAKING ENZYMES before I

HCL – 1 during each of 3 meals

Read this post for thoughts on using HCL (Hydrochloric Acid):

thought I might want to add the Hydrochloric acid pills recommended by Dr. Kelly at one per meal?

Okra Pepsin (Standard Process or Vitacost) – 1 after each meal

Yes continue



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