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How long should I wait AFTER TAKING ENZYMES before I


Kathy Asks Dale:

I understand enzymes should be taken 2 hours after meals.

Q: How long should I wait AFTER TAKING ENZYMES before I

  • Drink juice?
  • Eat Food?
  • (and in light of your email tonight) Drink Cellect or your All-in-One product?

Thanks again so much!


The goal with the Kelley Enzymes when they are taken on an empty stomach (away from food) is to get the enzymes past the stomach without firing the stomach acid and to wait long enough for the enzymes to exit the stomach intact and, via the small intestine, enter the bloodstream.

Ideally, wait 1 and 1/2 hours after you take the “away from food” enzymes before eating any food. When eating a vegan diet, for most people, the stomach will be empty 1 and 1/2 hours after you eat food. Juice, Cellect and All-in-One all contain “food” and, if the Kelley enzymes are taken with or close to these food items, they (the food items) will activate the stomach acid, which will digest the enzymes (and also neutralize the stomach acid), thus defeating your purpose of taking them “away from food” and also prevent proper digestion of the food.

Thanks for asking for clarification.


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