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Enzymes Before Meals – Clarification on Timing


Dale, the enzymes arrived. I know you explained to me to wait 30 min and why…I understand.

Though this would also mean I would have to eat in 30 min in order to work?

Example of what I mean is if I took these new enzymes and waited for 1-2 hrs, would that mess it up?




Enzymes that are not used by the food particles for mining the nutrients are passed into the bloodstream and used o “clean-up” anything that does not belong. this can include:

  • Fungus
  • Food particles that passed through the barrier (leaky gut)
  • Allergens, pollen etc.
  • And more

So if you take the enzymes way too soon some will be used in this way.

If you find you get burning butt on occasion, it could be that your body refused entry to the enzymes as they were not needed at the time.

If you forget and you took some way too soon, you may benefit from taking some additional about thirty minutes prior to actually eating.

Thanks for the question

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