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Will taking extra enzymes make my cancer dissolve faster?


Maria Asks:

Question: Regarding the PANCREATIN 1200 mg tablets… can I also add the 325 mg pancreatic tablets to definitely dissolve the malignant tumour on my right chest near armpit and one at my back? Due to multiple CATSCANS and CHEST XRAYS I experienced when I was hospitalized I am developing small cysts on the same spot where they did the multiple CATSCANS where they placed the THORAX TUBE. There are also a few small ones appearing. I wanted to do the 72 Kelley 750 mg pancreatic enzyme capsules or more. Dr. Gonzales mentioned in his interview that the amount of ENZYMES WILL DEPEND ON THE PERSON'S WEIGHT. RIGHT now I am THIN… LOST A FEW MUSCLES AND WEIGH 75 POUNDS. THE INFO YOU SENT ME MENTIONS THAT FOR MALIGNANT TUMOURS THE COMBINATION OF 325 mg tablets WILL HELP TO DISSOLVE MALIGNANT TUMOURS.

No. Do not take more than 54 Grams of pancreatic enzymes per day, which includes any combination of PEP or Solozyme 750 mg capsules, 1200 mg pancreatic tablets and/or 325 mg pancreatic tablets that equals more than 54 Grams). Additional enzymes will pass through your body without providing any additional benefit. Taking more than 54 Grams of pancreatic enzymes will cause butt burning. Butt burning is discussed in detail on this page: http://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/digesting-food/

The Dr Kelley Protocol calls for NINE GRAMS of pancreatic enzymes six times each day (54 Grams).

The pancreatic enzymes that are consumed well away from food (1 and 1/2 hours after eating and do not eat again for another 1 and 1/2 hours) will be used by your body to go after the disease. This is usually done three times each day by taking 12 750 mg PEP or Solozyme pancreatic enzyme capsules each time.

The rest of the 54 Grams of pancreatic enzymes are consumed 30 minutes before eating. You may choose to take 12 750 mg PEP or Solozyme pancreatic capsules or 8 1200 mg pancreatic tablets or 27 325 mg pancreatic tablets (taking 27 325 mg tablets is not my first choice, but some people cannot swallow the 1200 mg tablets). The majority of the pancreatic enzymes that are taken 30 minutes before meals are going to be used to digest your food. Any surplus will go into the bloodstream and go after disease. I have been recommending the 1200 mg pancreatic tablets for this purpose for many years, due to the difference in price and the fact that most of the enzymes are processing the food you eat, not the disease.

Rebuilding all cells (new perfect cells — not damaged or diseased — new cells to replace cancer cells and new cells to replace muscle cells) requires robust digestion. PEP and Solozyme pancreatic enzymes as well as 1200 mg and 325 mg pancreatic enzymes support this healthy function.

If you find (due to your weight) that you are getting some butt burning, I advise that you adjust the amount of pancreatic enzymes you take 30 minutes before eating down a few tablets and see if that resolves the problem.




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