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Nat Questionnaire and Recomendtions


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Diet – more balance, less oil

NO OIL! Really, NO oil! Webinar 03/17/16 Dr. McDougall

If you find there are Root Canals:

Root Canal Removal Resources

Dr. John McDougall discusses the topic of Cancer. Can a healthy diet slow and/or stop most cancers?

I specifically recommend as much raw whole foods as you can manage, testing yourself by keeping a log and noting results of diet changes as well as any supplements you may add to the Kelley program.

Also, test if you feel better when using the Vitamix to break the food down. Many people have found that the smaller pieces of raw foods yield an improved digestion. This in addition to consuming enzymes thirty minutes prior to eating will assure better production of new cells.

Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?

Enzymes to be taken well away from food:


Additional Supplies:

Potassium is taken to replace some of the electrolytes flushed out with multiple coffee enemas

Potassium Compound Salts, 100 Grams, Powder

Okra pepsin is taken for six months to clean out the mucus that has built up in the small intestine due to past consumption of packaged and processed foods.

Standard Process Okra Pepsin E3, 150 Capsules (50 day supply)

Iodine is commonly used

Iodoral, 12.5 mg. 90 tablets (may substitute practitioner version)

Ongoing Liver Support


I recommend Clear Multivite all in one easy way to consume plant-based protein as needed

Try one container and see if you agree


If you feel “run down” you may need to supplement iron (just pay attention and see if you need it)

True Chelate, Iron and Methyl Homocysteine Regulate 60 Caps Each

To rebuild your gut, one or two containers of clinical strength probiotics


Other questions? Please check the support blog first and then submit any question to me that you did not find an answer to your satisfaction.

Search using the search feature at the bottom of all pages, or visit and browse the answers/


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