Service Stress, Diet, Chemo


Enzymes – Kelley Enzymes are taken three times per day 12 capsules each time – well away from food – 1 and 1/2 hours minimum.

Dr Kelley's Pancreatic Enzymes, Solozyme, 750 mg., 360 Capsules

And Enzymes three times per day thirty minutes prior to meals 8 tablets or 8 capsules each time (choose based on your needs).

Pancreatin, 1200 mg, 1,000 Tablets, Take 30 Minutes Before Food

Daily Coffee enemas as needed to manage pain or discomfort (Up to five during every 24 hours)

Coffee Enema Instructions


Enema Bucket Set

Enema Extension Tube, 14″ (Enema Bucket Attachment)


Liver Support

Based on your answers and labs 4 gelcaps first thing in am and 4 gelcaps in the late evening away from food for six months and then you may be able to reduce to 2 am and 2 pm at that time.

LiveRite Liver Detox

Kidney Recovery

Diet Restrict Protein to Ease High Kidney Numbers

Videos on Protein

Chemo Recovery Your Gut needs recovery

Two containers Clinical Strenght Probiotic

Liviotic 350 Clinical Strength High Potency, Multispecies, Multistrain Probiotic

Emotional Releasing For PTSD

Emotions and Cancer Instructions for Systematically Overcoming Trauma

Detox for removing Toxin Exposures, Chemo, and your Military history

At least six containers over six months.

Medicardium EDTA Chelation Suppositories, 3 Box DISCOUNT, Cleanse, Metal Detox




Emotions and Cancer Instructions for Systematically Overcoming Trauma


Learn What Each Supplement Does to Assist in Disease Recovery

I recommend this book:

MultiVite All in one

Clear MultiVite All in One – (798 g) Meal Replacement


Standard Process Okra Pepsin E3, 150 Capsules (50 day supply)


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