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Pre Coaching Questions : Entry # 34
Today's Date
Your Best Email Address
Approximate Age
Disease Details
Approximate date told you have cancer
Weight Loss
Maintained weight of 115 most of the year. Found I had another tumor in August and went on 5-week grape fast. Lost 9 pounds. The tumor grew to 5 times the original size. Original weight in 2015 was 150. Lost weight over last two years due to raw vegan diet. Would like to weigh about 125.
List standard medical treatments you have performed
Total hysterectomy in Dec of 2015. No other conventional treatment.
List alternative treatments you have performed
Raw vegan diet, mostly fruit, for last two years. Herbal products along with diet.
List all accidents, assaults, surgeries and any other trauma
Appendectomy age 7
Car Accident 1968, 1981
Daughter had cancer at age 10, 1992
Divorce 1993
Stepson killed in auto accident 2009
Son developed prescription pill addiction 2005
Middle son had a brain aneurysm in August 2015
My husband became very sick in September 2015. Drs thought he had lymphoma.


List any and all chemicals inoculations and work-related exposures
Usual childhood vaccinations.
Mold exposure for approx 6 months in a house I was rehabbing in 2013
List Any and All Emotional Events You Have Experienced
Most listed above in Accidents, ASSaults and other Trauma.

My husband became very angry and bitter after son's death. He directed it toward me for 6 years.

Emotions and Cancer Instructions for Systematically Overcoming Trauma


Support Comes From
What support do you have
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Spouse
  • Freinds
Your biggest fears
To not be able to take care of myself fully.
To be in a lot of pain
Your Biggest Goals
2018 Regain strength and energy and desire to do things I used to do.
2018 and beyond Travel to places I've wanted to see.
Have each of my grandchildren for a week in the summer.
Home condition
Older or well maintained
Diet, drugs, bowels section
Diet in the past
Organic unprocessed preferred
Diet choices now
Organic unprocessed preferred and understand
What do you estimate is historical % of animal in your diet
What do you estimate is your current % of animal in your diet
Less than 5%
Describe your bowel movement
Two or more times day
Describe your skin color
Fair Skin
Describe Your Skin
Generally free of these symptoms
Additional drugs and when taken and for how long?
Most drugs taken in teens and early 20's. Can't remember taking anything after that. Stayed away from drugs except for heparin for blood clots2002 or prevention after last surgery
Dental conditions
Number of root canals
Number of amalgams
Number of dental implants
Number of missing teeth
Five or more
Have you been evaluated for Cavitations?
Condition of teeth and gums
Have been having dental work done over last two years. The condition of teeth has deteriorated considerably. since cancer. Will need a bottom partial. Have two teeth still needing crowns. Have some decay that needs to be removed.
Optional upload photos or tests
Use this area to write any other thoughts or questions you want to be answered
Currently, have numerous huge swollen lymph nodes in groin and stomach areas. Any suggestions or will they just run the course?
Currently, have a VERY acidic vaginal discharge. Is that normal?
Have been taking enzymes for approximately 6 weeks. Tumor (approx 3 inches) does not seem to be shrinking, bur has enlarged. Is that normal? When can I expect to see shrinkage?
Do you work with the lymph system at all for detoxification.or only the liver/ I am currently taking the product Collect and was doing the Budwig protocol until a few days ago. Got concerned about the dairy and hormones with Budwig protocol. I did have a great amount of sediment in my urine from lymph filtration. I am not seeing nearly as much lately and that concerns me.
Have a lot of swelling around the swollen lymph nodes and in the whole left leg. It used to go down at night, but lately remains swollen. Any suggestions?


3.8 to 4.5
Vaginal pH. The normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.5. Bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and atrophic vaginitis often cause a vaginal pH higher than 4.5.


Please test your ph with test strips to determine your ph.


Tips on how to get your lymph moving

Tumor size

How long does it take?

Does the “Budget Kelley Program” take longer to eliminate cancer?

Your thoughts? I am currently taking the Cellect product and Budwig cottage cheese.


Citrus Bioflavinoids 100 Capsules NOW Brand 50 Servings Per Container


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