Yeast and mites – what to do


A. Ask Dale:

Follow-up questions (and answers) after having answered the coaching questionnaire:

What is your single biggest complaint at the moment?

A's Answer: The Mites that are in my feet and have been since I went to a Lymes doctor in San Diego.

Further questions:

Q: Are you willing and able to remove the root canals / amalgams?
A's Response: No, I don't have that kind of money, or else I would.
Have you worked on Liver detox and rebuild?
What probiotics are you taking?
More detail on your diet, please.
A's Answer: I am very down, that is why I lost weight, although I need to lose another 17 pounds. I have no appetite.
This does not tell me what nutrients you are consuming. Timing and preparation details please.
Are you still taking any of the drugs?
A's Answer: Yes all.

DDAVP – I think this drug will reduce your capability to remove toxins from your body.

Hydrocortisone – Suppresses your immune system.

Temazepam – Sleep sedative (Can cause paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination. Combining with other substances, particularly alcohol, can slow breathing and possibly lead to death.)

Armour Thyroid – If you choose to detoxify and rebuild you will want to keep on top of the dosage of Armour Thyroid. Your function could improve just from gradually getting off the other drugs.

Ranitidine – Antacid and Antihistamine. It can treat and prevent heartburn. It can also treat stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and conditions that cause too much stomach acid.

As I see it you are burdening your immune system with so much it is struggling and unable to deal with the parasite problem.

Given that you are unable to remove the daily toxin load from the teeth, here are my suggestions that could help:

Multiple coffee enemas daily to remove some of the toxins

Slowly get off the drugs

Support your liver function – it is working very hard.

Rebuild your Gut Flora

The candida and mites do not survive the healthy immune system you need to rebuild.  Additional drugs will unsuccessful in resolving the issue and put more load on your system.

The Lyme  may or may not be overcome by your immune system, given the on-going load from your teeth, I am unable to tell at this point.

Do not do any mercury chelation until you resolve the amalgams, any chelation will pull mercury out of  teeth and into your tissue making the problem worse.


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